Thursday, 14 May 2009


I have had a wonderful day, discovering some amazing designs, and making some not quite so amazing designs myself.

There is amazing lighting from Domestic Construction, Fabulous cushions, art, linen from Enhabiten, some great gocco prints from Jess Gonacha, and some amazing printed linen, & sketchbooks from Summersville. I hope you will love them as much as I do!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Holidays, Handmade, happy finds!

Today I would just like to share lots of lovely photographs with you! Today finds Isobel with a sprained ankle, which is very bruised, swollen and painful!! - caused by a fall in the playground yesterday, bless her, so lots of TLC needed. Time to make some nice cookies I think! Not sure whether to go for macadamia & white choc, or cinnamon & sultana.... or both!
Anyway here are a few photos to share..

Handmade brooch with Vintage Large Art Deco Button & pretty carved cabochons

div>A Lovely Vintage Apron - embellished with some new crochet flowers.

On holiday Whitstable - gorgeous little bedroom

Whitstable holiday - Cockleshell Cottage We loved staying here so much... Whitstable is a favourite place to stay on the English Coast.

The kittens - Reuben and Matilda
Lovely button and wool flower embellishments

Vintage Silver buttons ....

Monday, 11 May 2009

Introduction - Pleased to greet you!


Thanks so much for finding my blog! My name is Annie (well it's Annette, but I don't like it!!)

I live in Watchfield in Oxfordshire, on the edge of the glorious Cotswolds, between Oxford, Cheltenham, Cirencester and Bath and I absolutely love it!

I live with my two darling daughters Amelia who is 14, (lovely age hmm...) and Isobel who is 9.

We have two Cats - Jemima (aka the 'Diva') and Reuben (lights on no-one home, bless!), we are contemplating a kitten, well I say we are contemplating my girls have already decided - I am still torn between heart and head!

I have started this blog so that I can share my passion for the beautifully handmade and fabulous vintage items I discover. I have found so many talented and wonderful designers that are yet to use, or even wish to use the internet.

My dream is to fund an Online eclectic shop devoted to new designers from around the Country. To support green issues and those who recycle re-use and recreate.

I have in the last 6 months sold at several craft fairs, and now have an ebay shop and a Vintage shop on Etsy, all of which I am incredibly grateful to!

I will hopefully update the blog several times a week to tell you & show the latest items I have made & found.

Also information about both of my daughters fund raising activities to enable us to fund having two girls to stay with us during the summer from the Republic of Belarus (more info here if you are interested )

For now I will just show you some of my favourite items!

Thanks for reading, love Annie

Tensha Bead - Rose Earrings

My lovely Isobel

Jemima - the 'diva cat'

Vintage Pastel shell Earrings

Beautiful baby 'Mary Jane' shoes by Amy Joyner

on Etsy